Saturday, March 5, 2011


                  A safe and healthier work environment is one of the minimum requirements which is both legally and ethically desirable. However, this will not happen by chance but concerted effort should be made on the part of everyone in the company to work towards this end. A safer and healthier work place is not only desirable but it also minimises cost and improves productivity.

                  By making the work environment safe, the job and the people safe, an organization can achieve its ethical, legal and financial goals.This two days training programme is designed to provide a professional and comprehensive exposure in all aspects of occupational and industrial safety and health management, especially for all those who supervise and manage an enterprise’s operations. Importance has been given to practicality in this management programme, designed to enhance industrial safety and health in the working area, while reducing the incidence of occupational related losses, risks, hazards, deaths and other human suffering.

At the end of this Training Programme, participants will be able to :

-The objectives, requirements and compliance of OSHA 1994.
-The rationale, objectives and benefits of an industrial safety
-Understand the elements of an effective safety management.
-How to prevent accidents, work hazards and deal with accidents
-Work towards a healthier and safer working environment


Safety Manager said...

workplace safety is important to improve the productivity.

Raghu Kumar said...

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