Tuesday, January 11, 2011


#1 - Elvis Presley (over 1,000,000,000 album sales)

Penjualan album plg tggi dicatatkan oleh King of Rock 'n Roll. Between 1954 and 1977, Elvis Persley recorded a total of 77 albums.

#2 - The Beatles (over 750,000,000)

In their eight years recording together, The Fab Four from Liverpool recorded a total of 12 original albums, success all over the world. 

#3 - Michael Jackson (over 750,000,000)

Before going a little bit mad, "King of Pop" Michael Jackson was at one time probably the biggest star in the world. Starting out at the tender age of 7 in The Jackson Five with his brothers, Michael Jackson went on to form one of the most successful solo careers ever, releasing 11 albums and countless record-breaking singles.

p/s : Agak2 our artist achieve x jualan album tahap tu ==

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